Audition report--

Perfect boyfriend? Yeah, I can do that. The scene was short and cute and I gave it the usual approach. It's the kind of role that I know I can do well. It can also be done well by a hundred other young men, though, a handful of which were there with me. My advantage? The Caroline in the City people are the same people as the Conrad Bloom people. So they have an idea what I can do. They know I am not a terror at rehearsals. They know I don't self-destruct in front of the audience. And the director of this specific episode was the executive producer of Bloom so it's not just the casting office that knows me, he does too.

My feeling when I left? I knew it went well but not so well that I felt I had it locked up. It was good enough but not overwhelming. It was a tough scene to make overwhelming, though, so I have a shot at it.

And Gilda's assistant, Katherine Eckert, sure is nice.

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