Audition report--

Audition number two on the second day of my 23rd year started off on the wrong foot, only because it was the same foot I had seen only an hour ago.

I must admit that I did not see the connection when the director asked me a little about myself. That's a very basic question, so to think that there's a conspiracy behind asking the question would be irrational. But when I was asked if I preferred comedy or drama, the possibilities of coincidence where slim. These kids were being fed the questions. They probably couldn't give two shits about the answers.

So, yuck. It didn't seem so great. Until...She explained the script which seemed kinda fun: Three girls are preparing dinner when they spot a cockroach. They spend the rest of the film destroying the apartment trying to kill it, only to have the guys arrive and step on it accidentally. So, it wouldn't be a lot of shooting for the guys - elevator, out of the car, front door, plus some "couples" photos. PLUS, there is a voice-over for the bug, sort of a Look Who's Talking type-thing. Whether or not it's funny stuff remains to be seen.

So, I read a bug monologue, and she liked it. Then, I did my "guy entering the apartment and stepping on the bug" shtick. The director laughed heartily and said "You're hired!" How's that for a successful audition? She continued to say she'd call tomorrow about which part she wanted me for as well as if I was doing the bug or not. Cool. So now I'm actually excited about the project, quite a different feeling than the first audition generated.


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