Real life adventures...

My first adventure of the new year was a very interesting one. It begins with the L.A. Auto Show, where I found myself this week for 10 to 13 hours a day. My girlfriend secured me the position and so there I sat at the Jeep/Eagle display typing in makes and models again and again to the happy tune of 200 dollars a day.

The nights were occasionally times of drinks and dinners with my girlfriend and her friends from the Auto Show circuit. The most interesting of those nights was two days ago when three of us decided to take on the night. After a few stops, we found ourselves standing outside a club called On the Rox located on the second floor, above The Roxy on Sunset Blvd. I am sure it was my two comely associates that paved the trail for my admittance, but admitted I was.

My first stop was the men's room, a ten by ten room with a toilet, urinal, sink, and just enough room left over for me and Charlie Sheen to take a moment to ourselves.

Upon entering, I noticed his presence and gave him a friendly 'How you doing?' as I proceeded with my business. His first words to me, of course, suggested a little more than friendly banter. "Are you a cop?" he asked as only the son of Martin Sheen could. Taken a bit by surprise, I responded the more interesting, "Yes."

Still under construction...

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