Audition report--

It was time to put my new haircut to work. At 10:45, I began my journey down to Costa Mesa for the audition that requested to "Please pay particular attention to your hair." The audition was for "Films which are shown in high school classrooms and the teachers want conservative-looking actors. Men's hair must be short."

Armed with the freshly trimmed conservative look (my specialty). I drove a little over an hour to Franklin Clay Films and began looking over a little script. The set-up was a boy and a girl introducing a "how-to" show. But for that little twist of reality, the two of them get in a fight over who's going to introduce the format of the show. The guy is really being an ass-hole, because he refuses to let her introduce the format even though he's just given a long overview-summary-type speech. He argues (loudly) that he feels that she is trying to steal the show, even though she's only spoken 10 words up to this point.

Anyway, the point is that they're not the best written scripts ever produced in Hollywood (or even in Costa Mesa). But it went fine.

The second thing I did was an improv monologue. Fred gave me the description of what I was supposed to talk about, and then I spent about 20 minutes thinking of things to say. The topic was my first apartment. I was supposed to touch on the topics of bills, a new car, roommates, unexpected expenses, and my overall feeling about my first apartment. I got the impression it was an "anti-moving-out" monologue, so that was the tone I used. It went fine as well.

They will receive their four different scripts over the next few months, so I may not hear from them for a while. Of course, I may not hear from them at all.


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