Audition report--

Fresh off my workshop with Tom McSweeney and a thoroughly successful audition/callback with him, I grabbed my new sides intent on creating the fullest, most complete audition possible. My confidence was shaken, though, as I realized the character switched in the middle of the sides. Then, my mime-reflex kicked in as I read the closing stage directions detailing my bloody death as the bad guy fell from the ceiling and attacked me. I had decided to commit to it fully and so commit I did.

First off, I generated business, ading the shuffling of papers, a couple crosses, a disappearing partner, nausea, and finally, the coup-de-lah, my big death scene, complete with the evil Rumpelstiltskin descending from above me, landing on my head, and the ensuing struggle. It ended with me miming having my neck broken and dropping to the floor, dead.

The audition itself included all of these items except the final neck-snapping. By that time Victoria was simply too amused to let it go on. I think she yelled out for me to "Cut!" and then tried to be polite with, "Thanks for sharing all that with us, John," suggesting that she felt it was too much. But all things considered, I would rather be remembered for putting too much into an audition than too little. So I am still proud of and happy about what I did.

Her next statement was more important, "But next time direct it toward the camera." Hello. Of course! I had created the scene as if I was on stage -- entrances/exits to the sides, stage objects to the left and right, audience in front of me. But since the audition was being recorded, I should have put entrances, exits, and objects to either side of the camera, and directed my attention outward (over the audience, as it were).

And so after two years, there are still many things to learn. And I knew there would be some complicated things still to learn, but it's these simple ones I need to figure out as soon as possible. And then remember them!

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