Audition report--

An industrial commercial audition is about the bottom of the commercial barrel but with no bookings ever for my commercial agent, I really have no right to be picking and choosing what I audition for. So I schlepped out to Santa Monica and prepared to wow them as Jason, the gen-X computer whiz.

The scene went fine. They laughed at a couple of little bits I did. And then it happened. I left. Or at least I tried to leave. There were two doors on the wall we came through to get into the room and I chose the wrong one to try to leave. As I returned to the room to try the other door, the director struck up a bit of a conversation. It was about Mimi Leder, of all people, whom I had just seen that day at my looping session for Deep Impact. So, not only did we have a connection, but I got to brag about my activity at the same time. That helps a lot. People want those who are wanted. Getting "hot" can happen in many different degrees but it happens every day. It can happen in a moment. As a working actor performing for the well-respected Mimi Leder, I think I became "hot" (in my small little "industrial" pond) and very attractive as a person to hire.

Am I jinxing it? No. I found out today already that they want to use me for the spot. So it all went right for the first time on a commercial audition. But did I snap the curse? Tough call. While I did finally book my first job through ddk, I still have yet to book an actual commercial. So I guess the Commercial Booking celebration will have to wait. In the meantime, I'm working two days for the people of Xerox.

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